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Marie Claire magazine discusses Child Recovery with Eric Kalmus of CRN Japan, and ABP World Group.

How far would you go? – July 2016

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LBP Stories Pod Cast:

Episode 3:  Eric Kalmus

“In This episode I talk to Eric Kalmus about his journey
from being an abducted child, to an LBP to a
children/parents rights advocate. Learn more about Eric and his work with the following links.”



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Radio Documentary: Anatomy of a Kidnapping,

Australian Broadcast Network: An agreement between countries drawn up in The Hague is meant to prevent kids from being bounced around the world. For the first time, Sarah Dingle’s investigation takes us inside the mind of an abductor in the anatomy of a kidnapping.


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Eleni Psaltis talks to Eric Kalmus about child abduction cases in Japan one year after Tokyo became a signatory to the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Parental Child Abduction. Numbers are extremely low and Japan has fallen into the non-compliant category.


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Eleni follows up giving the Director of the Hague Convention Division at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kaoru Magosaki a chance to answer to why Japan is non-compliant. His only answer is that The Hague doesnt give answer to how to allow visitation to occur, which goes to show that Japan isn’t compliant. Article 21 spells out exactly how Hague Convention signatories are to act upon requests for parental visitation. It is in Japan’s best interest to follow the rules so that sanctions are not
imposed by the United States Government under the Goldman Act.

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Eric Kalmus

As early as 1996 news articles discussing Japan’s “other abductions” began appearing in major publications. These brought to light the issues faced by non-custodial parents in Japan. Foreign fathers and mothers going through divorce in Japan were being left in a state of shock when their final dissolution was handed down and along with the end of their marriage there was also a total loss of parental rights. Divorcing parents living in Japan




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