Who is Eric Kalmus – Testimonials



  • Eric is a great resource and valued partner in a time of crisis.   He understands the situation, and all the traumatic emotions we may be going through of hopelessness, anger and sorrow because he lived through it.   He provided a pillar of strength when I needed support the most.  He was there to provide guidance and help during the darkest hours and he is always willing to pick up and talk when I needed someone to offer advise even in the most inconvenient hours.
    I highly appreciate Eric’s help and would recommend his services to anyone who would be in a similar unfortunate situation.   – Chen in Illinois

  • If I had not found Eric, I would not have made it through this ordeal. He was able to guide me every step of the way so that I did not make the mistakes common to parents in such situations. He has been there before, he has counseled parents before, and he knows how to keep you focused: “You want to preserve your child’s right to have you in her life.” That was what he told me, and it was exactly what I was thinking.I sought Eric out because he is child-centered in his approach to parental abduction. There are many so-called “men’s rights” activists who advertise themselves as child abduction experts. These are men with a grudge against women. Avoid them. Call Eric instead. If you have lost your child, then the last thing you need to do is to take your focus away from the child who needs you and put it in the service of hateful and irrelevant agendas. Eric, as I mentioned, is focused on the best interests of the child. I was concerned for my daughter. Eric understood. – Anthony in Massechusets

  • I just wanted to say thank... I left Japan in 2010 with my children and am raising them here in the US. Its been six years now- i found (crnjapan.net) this site when I was at my most desperate. I was alone in a country powerless to advocate for my children’s interests. Reading the stories here let me formulate a way to a way to extricate myself from a losing battle. Thank you Eric – Robert in the USA

  • While I was in the deepest despair after the kidnapping of my child by his mother in Japan, I found the contact details of Eric on the internet. Soon, I was in contact with him in order to organize the return of my child. I was impressed by his responsiveness, his smooth communication and especially by the very wise advices his has shown. Legal advices in the first place, were capital to get my child back. Then the professionalism he showed during the operation allowed me to get my child back healthy and sound and in legal way. Eric has a vast experience, he helped me and he surrounded me, and at then end the miracle happened. In addition to the great joy of having my child healthy and safe, I gained a friend for life. Thank you from the bottom Eric ! I am the father of a child abducted to Japan – Emmanuel in France

  • Just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Your services provide more than just hope. As a parent and military member, appreciation is does not even come close to the actual feeling you give back to families. The people who risk their lives to save our children are more than human. A level compassion and courage that many will never experience. The loss of a child is the loss of that parents whole life. The fact there are those that will risk everything for a innocent child, they will forever be the most extraordinary people in this world. – Sargent Nick, deployed in Europe

  • Eric was incredibly helpful.  He has a great deal of experience and he was able to use his experience to immediately and accurately assess the situation that my child and i were facing.  He also helped me to speak with the authorities, find a therapist, and hire an attorney.  He was even helpful with practical things like reminding me to manage banking, telephone, and internet matters.  Thank you Eric

  • Thank you for the support and advice, you helped me to stay strong and keep on track! – UK Father

  • Eric has been great –  We had a victory today, it was quite an amazing day, in court I think Eric may well have saved my kids – and set off a chain reaction, that will now create change… Thanks so much for the introduction. Invaluable. – Timothy from Australia

  • Would love to meet you and take you to dinner at least – just wanted to say thank you as your advice saved my son… – Middle East mother


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